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Well, a lot has happened in a short amount of time, so much so that we can’t quite squeeze it all into one formidable post, but we do want to catch everyone up on the critical events that have taken place in the community, on the sites, some of the surrounding facilities and properties, and what we are hoping will be the beginning of larger scale investigations into the capital “I” Issues, vapor intrusion, groundwater remediation, etc. Please note that this website is undergoing a complete renovation, so content might be spotty as we continue to populate the site, but we will be providing the critical documents and info for you via regular postings.

So here goes…

Vapor Intrusion/Indoor Air Sampling in the communityBeginning early 2015, EPA began testing the homes in the community for evidence of vapor intrusion, which is a common occurrence where highly contaminated groundwater beneath homes ends up seeping up through the soils and into vulnerable cracks or openings in the home. EPA placed sampling devices in approximately 150 homes from February-March 2015 and have recently given results. We have the deidentified results in a PDF file here, and some supporting documents from our technical advisers and others.

Vapor Intrusion Sampling Results

Technical Memorandum to DAAC and Community: Evaluation of EPA’s VI Screening Evaluation (TASC, SKEO, 2014)

Fact Sheet: Vapor Intrusion Study at the Del Amo and Montrose Superfund Sites (TASC 2014)

Five Year Review: The EPA will be releasing their Five Year Review of the Del Amo Operable Units: OU 1: On-site soils and NAPL; OU 2: The Del Amo Waste Pits; and OU3: The Dual-Site Groundwater Remediation (from both Del Amo and Montrose). DAAC, TASC, the Water Replenishment District and others have been deeply involved in putting their two cents into some of the key concerns, questions, and considerations moving forward regarding the remedies that have been chosen and implemented for these OUs, and those that remain in question. The FYR is a great opportunity for everyone to get involved in the “state of play” of what’s happening at the sites, so we hope these efforts will be reflected in the official review which the EPA will release in September of 2015. Feel free to browse the following:



150717_WRD Comm Ltr for EPA 5Yr Rev_DelAmoMontrose

pCBSA: See the following documents for more information on this critical piece of the groundwater remediation, pCBSA, (parachlorobenzene sulfonic acid) which we are attempting to learn more about regarding protective reinjection standards based on a recent study released by the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessement (OEHHA). Other docs from EPA and TASC below:

pCBSAPublicHealthCon (The OEHHA Study)

pCBSA CA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

TASC TO1 R9-Feb 17 2015 pCBSA call notes 3-23-15_FINAL (TASC)

–Stay tuned for more to come!



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