What’s Happening: ECI Property Updates

We have been working alongside the DTSC as well as the US EPA on the status of the voluntary cleanup that is currently underway at Ecology Control Industries (ECI), Inc, a property that is directly south of our community and part of the historic stormwater pathway for Montrose Operable Unit 6. ECI has engaged in a voluntary excavation of DDT-contaminated soils on their property, and are currently storing the excavated soils on site in (mostly) covered stockpiles.

Zoning map showing community areas, Del Amo and Montrose sites, and ECI property

Zoning map showing community areas, Del Amo and Montrose sites, and ECI property. Click to enlarge.

We remain concerned about two critical issues as ECI continues cleanup, storage, maintenance, and other activities at their site: 1) Given the proximity of the ECI property and adjacent residential units, we want to ensure that these activities are not posing a threat to nearby populations via fugitive dust from the soil piles, as well as odors, noise, and other nuisances originating from the site. 2) A proposed zoning change is in the works for this property and is currently under review with the LA County Department of Regional Planning. The DAAC is concerned about any land use changes implemented in the community without understanding the implications these may have for the immediate and long-term welfare of residents in and around the Del Amo/Montrose neighborhood. As this process moves forward, we invite you to visit our ECI page for more details and documents, and view the photo collections we have put together for reference. Below are direct links to some of the key documents for ECI.

Removal Action Workplan for ECI

Removal Action Report: July 2015 (DTSC)

Final Human Health Risk Assessment-ECI

Del Amo Action Committee Correspondences for ECI

Letter from DAAC Contesting Conditional Use Permit 8/11/2015

Del Amo Action Committee Comments for DTSC Workplan for ECI: 2/18/2015

Del Amo Action Committee FINAL Comments 5/21/15

Del Amo Action Committee ECI Site Visits

Site Visit 1: 7/28/15

Site Visit 2: 8/14/2015



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