Community Voices: “There will be people telling you there is nothing more to be done, but do not accept that…”

It is essential for those living on or working near the Del Amo/Montrose Superfund sites and/or are impacted by the cleanups to share your thoughts, comments, stories, input, ect. We know your voices are the ones that truly matter. We will respect your wishes to remain anonymous or post your name if you would like. Please send your letters, comments, etc. to




  • Silas Family, 1996
    • “My wife, son and I feel that this neighborhood should be quarantined and the poisonous waste pits should be capped. Every human being should be relocated at the expense of and assistance of the parties responsible…”  [READ ON]


  • “I Remember When:” Jessie Frame, 2002
    • “No one warned us that we were at risk of the chemicals in the Del Amo Pits. Life went on and there were many good times until we became aware. The health department didn’t want us to panic…” [READ ON]

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