DAAC Speaks Out w/ CEJC on Environmental Justice to DTSC/CalEPA: Watch Video and Contribute to New DAAC Youth Campaign

California Environmental Justice Coalition (CEJC) presenting Environmental Justice testimony to DTSC/CalEPA on Civil Rights and Language Access

DAAC Youth Leaders are an important part of the legacy we are creating with the help of many of you who have donated or will donate to support youth engagement.  We are currently an all-volunteer organization.  We are using these funding requests to keep our youth leaders engaged.  We are preparing to engage with planners and other important stakeholders to create a community specific land use plan for our community.

Proactive Strategy – Community Specific Plan

Apr 21_17 DAAC Youth

We realize that we must face head on the continuing challenge of land use decisions that result in the co-location of polluting industries with low income communities of color.  The families here live our lives, raise our children, and suffer the anxieties that come from feeling powerless to change our pollution burden in a way that will truly protect our future.  That is why we have set the goal to break the cycle of harm caused to our community by proactively changing problematic land use decisions, holding government regulators accountable for environmental laws and regulations, and giving our community the tools we need to impact our circumstances and the decisions that affect our lives.  Bad land use decisions continue to plague this area.  We seek to bring stakeholders together to develop a community-based land use plan that focuses on community needs to builds a vision for how to proactively take meaningful action to make Del Amo a healthier, safer place for families today and tomorrow.

Thank you for being a supporter of our future.

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