Current Efforts

Important Recent Accomplishments in Water Quality

We have achieved several recent accomplishments.  We spearheaded the formation of a multi-agency and community stakeholder process, with a mission of preserving our precious groundwater resources prior to being contaminated by spreading plumes of toxins.  Working with the Los Angeles Basin Groundwater Restoration collaborative we have achieve a much lower clean up level of 3 ppm for a chemical with little known toxicity data, pCBSA.  We have successfully stopped the reinjection of this chemical at a much higher 25 ppm level into a portion of the areas aquifer that is currently not contaminated. This was accomplished by educating the community living on top of these contaminants who in turn lead the agencies in a process to ensure the risk uncertainties were a factor in protecting the health of residents in the area and our precious area groundwater resources needed by the greater Los Angeles area.

Our work over the past two years has made a difference in how our local, state and federal agencies work collaboratively with affected community members to not only protect clean groundwater but to work on a plan to holistically clean up current plumes of contamination with our ongoing activities, making us important watershed stewards.

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