Operable Units

In a Superfund cleanup, the EPA will often break up a site into different pieces called Operable Units, or “OUs.” OUs are established in order to prioritize remediation strategies to target specific aspects of the site contamination. For the Del Amo and Montrose sites, there are different areas, impacted environmental media, and contaminants that cannot be cleaned up with one remedial technology, so the EPA has broken them up into OUs.

The 280-acre Del Amo site, most of which has been redeveloped as a commercial and business park, is made up of 3 OUs. Click on  the OU links below to learn more about each one, the remedial components, completed studies and assessments, and the status of each one:

OU 1: On-Site Soils and NAPL (Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid)

OU 2: The Waste Pits

OU 3: Dual-Site Groundwater (note that this OU is shared with Montrose, meaning that the contamination from both sites has commingled)

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