OU1: Soils and NAPL


55 Million Pledged in Deal to Clean Up Del Amo Superfund Site (by Jed Kim, KPCC)

Toxic California Cleanup Settled for $55 Million (by Barbara Leonard, Courthouse News Service)

Shell to Spend $55 Million to Clean Soil at Old South Bay Rubber Plant (by Tony Barboza, Los Angeles Times)

It’s Never Too Late to Test the Air Around Toxic Superfund Sites (by Ken Broder, AllGov California)

United States and California Department of Toxic Substances Control v. Shell Oil Company (U.S. District Court Central District of California Western Division) (pdf)


Overview Map of Source Areas at Del Amo site (Soils and NAPL): 

EPA map of the Del Amo site boundary showing source areas.

EPA map of the Del Amo site boundary showing source areas. Click to view in larger window.

Del Amo site OU1, Soils and NAPL (Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid) refers to contamination remaining in the shallow and deep soils on the Del Amo site. NAPL refers to a phase of contamination in the ground which is characterized by liquids that are not easily dissolved in water. Since the site has largely been redeveloped, the contamination exists underneath buildings, and correspond with the structures that used to exist when the site operated as a rubber manufacturing plant. The Record of Decision (ROD) for Del Amo OU1 was issued in 2011:

2011 Record of Decision, Del Amo OU 1: Soils and NAPL (Full text PDF)

Del Amo OU 1 Administrative Record (Link to complete list of documents)

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