OU3: Dual-Site Groundwater

Recent Documents:

Fact Sheet: Functional Tests for the Groundwater Treatment System (April 2016)

2011 Record of Decision for Operable Unit 3: Dual-Site Groundwater (Del Amo and Montrose)

Volume One:

Preface and Declaration

1. Site Names & Location

2. Site History

3. Community Highlights

4. Context Scope and Role

5. Major Documents

6. Joint Site Definition

7. Site Characteristics

8. Site Risks

9. Remedial Action Objectives

10. Technical Impracticability Waiver

11. Alternatives

12/ Comparison-Rationale

13. Specification

14. Statutory Determinations

15. Significant Changes


Volume 2

Response Summary

Responses to Short Written Comments

Responses to Montrose Comments

Responses to Del Amo Respondents

Responses to PACCAR

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