Normandie Ave Site Conflict

In late March, many witnessed the Farmer Brothers property (located at 20333 S. Normandie Ave) large piles of broken cement and dust created from the crushing of this cement. There were large tractors digging deep trenches in the soil and mounds of soil. There did not appear to by any effort to control dust, etc. (See photos of site activites taken by local youth here).

Photo of unsecured piled taken by DAAC youth at 20333 S Normandie Ave

Photo of unsecured concrete piles taken by DAAC youth at 20333 S Normandie Ave

We believe that development is occurring at this site and other adjacent parcels with little oversight in the permitting process to ensure that activities are in compliance with LA City municipal code standards (at a minimum), as well as special circumstances given that these properties MUST undergo comprehensive site assessments and characterization prior to any excavation, grading, demolition, etc. We are extremely concerned that the presence of DDT and other harmful contaminants may persist here and have brought this to agencies. As an interim measure, the LA County Department of Public Health issued a directive to the cease crushing and soil excavations at the former Farmer Brothers property on April 10.

LAC Public Health Department Directive to Bridge Point and AMPCO Contracting Inc, April 10, 2017

View all Permits Related to the Normandie Site at City of LA Website

More coming very soon as this develops…


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