Spring 2023 Newsletter

DAAC Office 
967 Torrance Blvd 
Torrance, CA 90502

DAAC Open House 7/1/2023: We have settled into our new home at 967 Torrance Blvd, (the old Barber  Shop) and are proudly flying the DAAC banner. Our first Open House in February 2023 was so successful in  getting the word out that we are inviting y’all to join us for an early Independence Day celebration on  Saturday, July 1, 2023 (10 a.m. — 1 p.m.). Come for the door prizes, but stay for the fresh BBQ, traditional  fix in’s, and a large side of fun and important information about our community. All served on our open-air  deck. Bring the kids for art and activities too! 

West Carson Community Fund: We came door-to-door to let you know about the $300,000 Community  Fund to be spent on improving our neighborhood. We gathered your suggestions as we canvassed the  neighborhood and compiled them into a proposal that we submitted to Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell’s office.  Your concerns included increased traffic, speeding on residential streets, poor air quality, noise, and vibration,  lack of bus shelters and bike paths, and even another park. We insisted that all residents be given the  opportunity to vote on a list of final suggestions and we will inform you when a time and place is announced,  please contact Laura Muraida, LMuraida@bos.lacounty.gov, for anticipated meeting date. 

Youth Group Development: DAAC is committed to developing our youth members to their fullest extent.  You have seen them participate in door-to-door delivery of newsletters and flyers, DAAC Open Houses, and  the DAAC Health Fair in December 2022. We share in their success at school as well – whether it be for top  math student, or “student of the month” for being a “best buddy” and showing respect. 

Our University Interns: DAAC forged has developed a great relationship with California State University  Dominguez Hills and have been hosting student interns since 2015. They have contributed to advancing our  capacity. Armando has helped to set up PurpleAir monitoring network in our neighborhood, to view go to https://map.purpleair.com/1/mAQI/a10/p604800/cC0#15/33.84167/-118.2945; Ezieme supervised the Truck  Traffic Survey in 2021, that serves as the baseline for the current increases in truck traffic from warehouses  in the community and Bryan is our official photographer and historian, he is documenting the history of  DAAC since inception 30 years ago and our efforts to clean up the toxins in our neighborhood. 

Safety Training: Have you noticed the rash of train derailments from East Palestine, Ohio to San Bernardino,  California? We attended a Safety Training drill on 5/20/2023 for a demonstration of a potential chemical  tanker spill. The drill was hosted by Los Angeles emergency agencies, including LAFD, LAPD, Ports  Authority, and CHP. We signed up for NotifyLA on the spot and recommend that you do too to be informed  of emergencies that are occurring in real-time. Scan the QR to sign up: 


Opportunity to Join the DAAC Team Now!

We are proud of the progress that our team of DAAC board members, community  volunteers, youth group, and student interns have made, but there’s still more work to be done. We have grant funding to add 10 more committed members and especially encourage youth to join the team. Meetings are held at the new office, 967 Torrance  Blvd., on Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. with lunch being served at Noon;

Our website: http://www.delamoactioncommittee.org 

community participation stipends are available. 

Don’t wait to join this dynamic team of your own neighbors to create change in the community! Contact us via the About Us tab on our website






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