LAEJN 8th Environmental Justice Enforcement Symposiums

In 2022, the LAEJN held our 8th Annual Environmental Justice and Enforcement Symposiums. We held a series of five half day workshops beginning in July. We continued to focus on environmental laws and practices to reduce pollution, increase protections and create a sense of well-being in contaminated disadvantaged communities. The Los Angeles Environmental Justice Network, a project of the Del Amo Action Committee, co-lead the event with our enforcement partners. We chose topics that needed a more in-depth discussion, as reflected by feedback from our previous panels. We wanted to continue to build upon our history of establishing a safe space for panelists and attendees to learn from each other as we focus on enforcement efforts in Los Angeles County. We received positive feedback from panelists and attendees and look forward to next year’s symposiums.

“The presenters’ knowledge and insight into enforcement, health impacts, and plan development regarding land-use issues were very helpful.”

Felipe Aguirre, Director of Comité Pro Uno

July 20th, 2022

Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEP’S) Workshop Los Angeles Environmental Justice Network, Goal: Raise awareness of SEPs as a tool to help communities address environmental issues, and build a series of next steps that agencies can take together to build successful and cohesive programs.

Moderator: Todd Sax, California Air Resources Board
Panelists: Vanessa Galaviz, California Environmental Protection Agency
Natalie Reavey, Linda Cedillo and Warren Hawkins, California Air Resources Board
Jessica Brown, Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office
Russ Colby and Bobbi Valencia, Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board
Mary Reichert, South Coast Air Quality Management District Enforcement
Karen Codding, Los Angeles County Fire Department
Joel Jones, United States Environmental Protection Agency
Ben Harris, Los Angeles Waterkeeper
Mona Cummings, Tree Fresno
Robina Suwol, California Safe Schools
Tim Little, Rose Foundation
Brian Sheridan, Coalition for Clean Air

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August 18th, 2022

Lead: Basic Introduction into Common Exposures, Protections and Enforcement
Goal: Increase awareness about sources of lead exposure and related health effects; promote
opportunities for lead prevention, screening and mitigation; and discuss opportunities to reduce the
harmful impacts of lead.
Moderator: Katie Butler, MPH, DABT, Senior Health Deputy, Office of Supervisor Hahn
Panelists: Janet Scully, MPH, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
Jill Johnson, PhD, Professor, USC Keck School of Medicine
Carlos Aguilar, Director of Organizing Coalition for Economic Survival 
Chris Parish, PhD, President and CEO Peregrine Fund

September 21st, 2022

Land Use: Planning Healthier Communities
Environmental Justice, Enforcement and Landuse
Moderator: Angela Johnson Meszaros, Earthjustice
Panelists: Todd Sax, California Air Resources Board
Cynthia Babich, Del Amo Action Committee
Felipe Aguirre, Comité Pro Uno
Jonathan Bell – Council of Governments City & County Planners
Andrew Flores, Masters of Urban Planning, American Institute of Certified Planners
Scott Lichtig, Department of Justice
Bhavna Shamasunder, Occidental College
Jill Johnston & Oscar Reyes, University of Southern California
Charlene Contreras, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health


October 19th, 2022

Community Stories: Enforcement Collaborations
Moderator: Joe Lyou, Coalition for Clean Air
Invited Panelists: Michael Henry Hayden, Lincoln Heights Community Coalition

Bianca Helme, Valley Improvements Project
Jan Kalani, Del Amo Action Committee
Susie De Santiago, Cudahy Alliance for Justice
Ken Szutu, Citizen Air Monitoring Network
Caroline Orija, Community Organizer and Consultant


November 16, 2022

Advancing Community Protections through Improved Enforcement: CalEPA and US EPA Region 9 Action Plan

Join us for a discussion with US EPA Region 9 and CalEPA agency partners as we review the 2023 Environmental Justice Enforcement Action Plan.  Part of our workshop will focus on steps that the US EPA and CalEPA are taking to improve enforcement efforts, make enforcement efforts more community oriented and community driven. Through the Action Plan agency partners are setting up to create pilot groups and projects that can inform future enforcement efforts and provide concrete examples of any improvements the action plan brings about.  We will also discuss the formation of Rapid Response Task Forces that can respond to urgent enforcement matters in a timely manner.  We hope that community members can attend and field their questions and concerns to our agency partners
to ensure that their voices are heard. Please use this link to review the 2022 Memorandum of Understanding and the Environmental Justice 2023 Enforcement Action Plan through a website set up for this effort.

Moderator: Deldi Reyes, California Air Resources Board
Panelists: Linda Lye, California Environmental Protection Agency
Rachel Zwillinger, California Environmental Protection Agency
Jamie Marincola, United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 9Luis Olmedo, Comité Cívico Del Valle Español

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