Youth Leadership Earth Day March: Support our Next EJ Leaders


Family, Friends and those believing our children are our future:

The Del Amo Action Committee has a wonderful opportunity to bring it’s youth volunteers to San Francisco on Earth Day, April 21st, to rally at the U S EPA Headquarters and speak to administrators about their concerns and solutions. Our youth represent the next generation of impacted environmental justice leaders and have worked alongside Del Amo Action Committee staff for the past 10 years. For this unexpected opportunity we will need to rent a van to travel up to the bay area on April 20th for the rally on the 21st returning home on the 22nd. Many families in our community are living below the poverty line and such a trip is not easily financed by them. Participation at the Earthday Event will require us to rent a van for three days, stay at a hotel for two days and cover meals and gas. To prepare for our trip seven youth leaders will attend and participate in a two day Symposium, April 10th and 11th in Los Angeles, focused on Environmental Health and Enforcement. We believe it is critical that our youth leaders have opportunities to voice their opinions about environmental protection and support our mission: We believe everyone deserves a safe place to live and we believe policy changes based on environmental justice values will lead to safer communities.

We will need to know what resources we can count on quickly, since this travel is during Spring Break and getting the best deal on a hotel as soon as possible is imperative if are to pull this trip off with your help.

Click the button below to view the campaign, get more details, and help us reach our funding goal:


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