DAAC Youth March for Environmental and Climate Justice at S.F. EPA

Our fearless DAAC youth have made our community proud once again, joining dozens of environmental groups at US EPA offices in San Francisco on Friday, April 21st. The young Crusaders Against Toxics took to the streets with the DAAC banner, demanding action for environmental justice at local and global scales. We are so proud of the leadership and initiative taken by our fearless fighters, who are living proof that your voices matter and you are making a tremendous difference in this world.

Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible through your support and contributions!


DAAC Youth Gear up for March on EPA in San Francisco (Click to see video)



Apr 21_17 DAAC Youth

Savannah takes the stage to talk about DAAC’s initiatives

Apr 21_17 Cynthia and DAAC Youth

DAAC Power!

Apr 21_17 mark Lopez

Mark Lopez and youth from SoCal Sister Org, East Yard Communities for Env. Justice

Apr 21_17 Michael Tasquith

Michael Tasquith

Apr 21_17 John Mataka2

John Mataka


Enjoying some local landmarks at the Bay


Making waves, taking names!

Apr 21_17 Participants 2

Not a dry seat in the house

Apr 21_17 Participants2

Gearing up for Greenaction

Apr 21_17 East Yard Youth 2

East Yard Communities for EJ youth

Apr 21_17 Dave Harper

Dave Harper

Apr 21_17 Cherylyn Smith 2

Cherlyn Smith

Apr 21_17 Bradley Angel

Bradley Angel from Greenaction

Apr 21_17 Wafaa Apr 21_17 Dr Henry Clark  Apr 21_17 Anthony Apr 21_17 Alexis Strauss 2

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