The Del Amo Acton Committee seeks resources to achieve a course correction and reverse inadequate remediation decisions currently proposed for two areas of the Los Angeles West Coast Water Basin that have widespread groundwater contamination from World War II legacy wastes, including the Del Amo and Montrose sites, two major USEPA Superfund sites.

We recognize the recent attention, remedial action, and relocation solutions provided to communities such as Porter Ranch, but there is so much more work to be done in other communities with environmental and health burdens, many of these issues have persisted for decades. Read this post from the Coalition for Clean Air, “There’s Plenty More From Where Porter Ranch Came From, which features just a few of our region’s “forgotten” environmental issues including Del Amo, Magic Johnson Park, and the Port of Los Angeles.

Resources will allow us continue with a collaborative stakeholder process, which will include the planning of a groundwater treatment plant capable of treating contaminated groundwater caused by all the industries in this area of the basin.  Additionally, advanced technologies to aggressively treat the contamination, putting the groundwater back into beneficial use will be explored through this community driven stakeholder process.

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