Health Protectiveness

Per our mission statement, the highest priority we seek is health protectiveness for those impacted by the contamination from the Del Amo and Montrose sites. Our beloved community living downwind from the sites have been subjected to a legacy of pollution from these sites. Through our involvement in the cleanup activities and relationships with the EPA, state regulatory agencies, and leaders within the EJ movement, we seek to first and foremost establish that no immediate health threats are facing the residents in the community.

One of the ways we push to address health protection is to ensure that potential exposure pathways are investigated, such as soil vapor intrusion via soil gas from the groundwater into the indoor air in homes. DAAC lobbied for years to get this testing done, and the EPA conducted VI sampling in over 100 homes in the community from February to March, 2015. We have received the preliminary results from the EPA and are concerned about the detection of benzene, TCE, and chloroform found in most of the homes. The results have raised more questions than answers, and EPA is planning to phase out next steps:

Phase I: Retest certain homes.

Phase II: Develop a sampling analysis plan (SAP) for the second phase of the investigation, which includes soil gas information.


Public Health Assessment: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, 2004

The official public health study for the Del Amo/Montrose community was published in 2004 by ATSDR. You can read the full report below.

Public Health Assessment for Del Amo Superfund Site, 2004

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