Del Amo Five Year Review


Key Documents Submitted for the Five Year Review:

What is a Five Year Review?

For long-term action Superfund sites (like the Del Amo and Montrose sites), the EPA conducts Five Year Reviews, which are evaluations of different cleanup remedies. The purpose of a Five Year Review is to determine if a cleanup remedy is, or will be protective of human health and the environment. To conduct a Five Year Review (FYR), the EPA enlists the assistance of a third-party evaluator. The evaluator(s) collect information from various individuals, organizations, agencies, and stakeholders who are familiar with the components of the site. For the purpose of this FYR, the EPA is asking for information on individual Operable Units (OUs) and the remedies that have been implemented or will be implemented.

What’s being covered in the current Five Year Review?

The EPA is conducting a FYR for the Del Amo Superfund site, which involves 3 OUs (including the OU it shared with the Montrose site). The OUs that are being evaluated at the Del Amo site are:

  • OU1: On-site Soils and NAPL (Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid)
  • OU2: The Waste Pits
  • OU3: Dual-Site Groundwater (shared with Montrose)

What kind of information regarding the OUs is the EPA looking for?

According to the EPA, they need to determine whether a remedy is protective, which is based on three key questions:

1. Is the remedy functioning as intended by the decision documents?

2. Are the exposure assumptions, toxicity data, cleanup levels, and remedial action objectives used at the time of the remedy selection still valid?

3. Has other information come to light that could call into question the protectiveness of the remedy?

To learn more about the OUs and the selected remedies, view the Del Amo FYR Fact Sheet (EPA). You can also visit the EPA’s official website for the Del Amo site, which contains many of the review documents, studies, site assessments, data, and more:

The Five Year Review will be submitted in September 2015, we will be updating the site regarding the status of the review, and will post the final review document when it is published.

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