Our Mission and Vision

We believe everyone deserves a healthy and safe community to live in. We believe policy changes that promote environmental justice will lead to healthier communities.”

Our Vision

A “Vision plan” is a long-term vision for a community. We realize that we must face head on the continuing challenge of land use decisions that result in the co-location of polluting industries directly embedded in  low income communities of color.  The families here live our lives, rear our children, and suffer the anxieties that come from feeling powerless to change our pollution burden in a way that will truly protect our future. 

That is why we have set the goal to break the cycle of harm caused to our community by proactively changing problematic land use decisions, holding government regulators accountable for environmental laws and regulations, and giving our community the tools we need to impact our circumstances and the decisions that affect our lives.  Incompatible land use decisions continue to plague this area, at this very moment developers race to increase our air pollution burden with more warehouses; more deadly diesel emissions. 

We are bringing stakeholders together to understand how community based land use planning helps redirect the focuses unto community health as a primary goal.  Community needs assessments of this type will help us to build a vision and take proactive meaningful action to make our community a healthier, safer place for families today and tomorrow.

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