Focus Areas

We selected these particular areas based one site conditions, legacy contamination and land use incompatibilities both in the City and County of Los Angeles jurisdictions.  These areas are currently being targeted by Brownfields developers with the intent to take advantage of the sites conditions, lack of jurisdictional overlap (compatibility with surrounding land use planning) and the land use designations currently being updated.  Many of these sites are being developed in the City of Los Angeles areas “by right” which allows for less planning review if the business being proposed in similar in description to the previous land uses.  As an example, the Farmers Bros/Bridge Point site was a modest single story coffee roasting, truck and warehouse operation going back to the 1950’s.  This property was purchased in 2015 and developed “by right” with no community or near neighbor input into the final use or design.  Because it was being developed into a 167 trucking and warehouse business it did not need to be reviewed in light of area residential changes are general plan visions.  This is a bad policy that needs to be changed, parcels like this need to be flagged and require appropriate review.  This development has now locked this area into increased diesel emissions and truck traffic for at least the next half a century.  

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