Data Dashboard

2020 Truck Count Data

DAAC conducted a truck count study in 9 areas surrounding the Del Amo community in the fall of 2020. DAAC identified intersections that were of particular interest in understanding vehicle traffic and emissions in the community. Volunteers were trained to record data and use air quality monitoring devices. 

2020 Air Quality Monitoring Data

In addition to outreach and analysis focused directly on feedback from community members, it was vital for us to measure and assess air quality in the Del Amo community. Our study area is in the highest decile of the environmental justice (EJ) index for air pollution in California according to the CalEnviroScreen, so we deployed 12 PurpleAir monitors throughout the Del Amo community to better understand the resident’s exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5). 

2020 Water Contamination Findings

Del Amo Torrance’s Water Contaminant Results from Cal Enviroscreen. Includes Groundwater contamination findings and Groundwater plume map.

Hazardous Waste Findings

Hazardous Waste values are used to evaluate the environmental effects in census tracts due to the presence of hazardous waste, which is calculated as the sum of weighted permitted hazardous waste facilities, hazardous waste generator sites, and chrome plating facilities within each census tract. 

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