Los Angeles Environmental Justice Network

About the LAEJN

LAEJN is coordinated by Cynthia Babich of the Del Amo Action Committee and Robina Suwol of California Safe Schools. LAEJN was formed by frontline environmental justice communities and advocates over 17 years ago.  Since then, we’ve all been meeting every month since then to help and mentor each other with issues that we have in common as well as ones specific to the communities we serve. 

We have worked together on toxic tours, groundwater convening, rule makings at several different agencies, policy and legislative issues, as well as these environmental justice enforcement symposiums.  This one is our 8th.  Overtime our group have been joined in their efforts by many partners in state, local, and federal agencies, regulators, academics and many others.  We seek participation from individuals who are acting change agents for environmental justice in the circle they work in.  The past 11 years we have focused on problem solving around many of the issues we have been working on for decades by applying boots to the ground knowledge to agency policy goals.  We hope these efforts will help attain environmental clarity, which we believe will lead us to equity and justice for our communities. 

We have found that to build a common ground, it is critical to create safe spaces like our symposiums.  As we work to explore and understand different perspectives and approaches to protecting our environmental justice communities and the help of all Angelenos, we are called to a collective sense of action and our deep rooted desire to do what is needed to save our environmentally impacted communities, which most often are hanging by a thread. 

We have made these workshops available on Youtube. Visit the pages below to watch.

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