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Toros Educate West Carson on Pollution Risks

Cynthia Babich, founder of the Del Amo Action Committee (DAAC), doesn’t mince words when assessing the environmental hazards that have put residents of West Carson—predominantly low-income residents of color—at significant risk for decades.

“We’re choking here. We’re absolutely choking,” Babich said during a recent community open house, referring to the findings of a DAAC health report on airborne contaminants. In fact, air pollution is just one of many environmental risks that residents face.”

Armando Garcia (pictured above), a second-year graduate student in environmental science, interned at DAAC before joining the staff as a research consultant. He specializes in the collection and analysis of air pollution data, and his research was included in the DAAC’s recent health report.

“I grew up in Lennox, next to LAX. That’s what made me interested in the subject of airborne contaminants,” Garcia said. “My ultimate goal is to apply what I’ve learned to communities like this, communities like my own. People just don’t know how bad it is here.”

Community study shows poor health among residents
in polluted West Carson

Clara Harter, The Daily Breeze. December 23, 2022.

Survey shows elevated rates of headaches, eye irritation, nasal congestion, asthma and more.

Community health fair to take place in West Carson’s Wishing Tree Park

Clara Harter, The Daily Breeze. December 7, 2022

The fair seeks to provide health, wellness resources to an environmentally disadvantaged community living atop two Superfund sites.

Long-awaited Wishing Tree Park nears completion in formerly polluted 8.5-acre area in West Carson

The 8.5-acre park is slated for a late November opening and will bring green space to an environmentally disadvantaged community located by two superfund sites

Clara Harter, The Daily Breeze. August 20th, 2022

Wishing Tree Park gets a festive groundbreaking at formerly contaminated site near Torrance

Nick Green, The Daily Breeze. November 17th, 2018

Los Angeles nonprofit group The Del Amo Action Committee hosted a groundbreaking Saturday for a new eight-acre park on a formerly contaminated industrial site in an unincorporated county area near Alpine Village just outside of Torrance that’s
considered park-poor.

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