Royal Blvd Land Reclamation Site    

 20950 South Royal Blvd., Torrance 90502

This is an important property in our community vision; this focus area is actually cutting a neighborhood off from neighbors to the South.  This property is a huge opportunity to create a recreational area with input from adjacent property owners.  Measure A funding for open space is available.  In 1991 the site was designated a State Superfund Site and after some remediation the property remains under oversight of the Cal Recycle branch of the California Environmental Protection Agency, which raises considerable questions about what contamination may be there.  There is a need to understand any characterization that has already occurred so we can then begin to fill in data gaps.  This lot is also a part of the “Historical Stormwater Pathway” and needs EPA prioritization, investigation and remediation.  This is another legacy toxic site.

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