Historic Photos, 1970-1980

October 30, 1972                       

Photo ID: 249 

Seven Years Later Close Up

Upper Right:  McDonnell Douglas, Capital Metals and International Light Metals Middle: Montrose Chemical DDT Now Banned but still being produced for export.

Upper Left: Del Amo Site (lots between plant & community = 7 unlined toxic waste pits)

Visible sites of:

Site A: Montrose Superfund Site 

  • Groundwater and soil contamination
  • Chlorobenzene, pCBSA, DDT
  • Vapor Intrusion Indoor Air: TCE, Chloroform, PCE, Carbon Tetrachloride
  • Mitigation slow and ineffective
  • Boys and Girls Club adjacent

Site B: Del Amo Superfund Site 

  • Groundwater, soil, indoor and ambient air contamination: Benzene and other petroleum products
  • Vapor Intrusion Indoor Air: Benzene, TCE, Chloroform, PCE, Carbon Tetrachloride
  • Toxic Waste buried in (7) unlined pits with Vapor Extraction System as remedial remedy (waste left in place must have a remedy review every five years).

Site 1: Jones Chemical 

  • Site contaminated with numerous dangerous chemicals, solvents, dry cleaning fluids, etc.
  • Focused mitigation work required/ EPA and Cal/EPA staff assigned to work on Jones exclusively
  • The property owner handles dangerous chemicals including chlorine at risk of an accident
  • Boys and Girls Club adjacent

Site 2: Boys and Girls Club

  • Site contamination uncategorized: DDT aerial dispersion, transformer stations and Jones Chemical adjacent to property 
  • Pollution in the air; Benzene, TCE, PCE, Chloroform, Carbon Tetrachloride
  • The community’s children deserve better.  There are no places for the youth to safely gather.  The “Club” must be relocated to a safe location.  The cleaned up, greened up ECI property could be perfect.

Site 6: Ecology Controls Industry

  • Montrose Superfund Site Operable Unit 6: Historical Stormwater Pathway
  • Previous Uses: Chemical storage facility, Non permitted hazardous waste hauler (20 years) 
  • Requires through site investigation (DDT, Pesticides, VOCs)
  • Nightmare for residential community sharing fence line, including  property damage
  • Future land should benefit the already overburdened and underserved community
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