Implementation of the Vision has begun


Our Community

Vision Plan


A Collaborative Partnership


We appreciate the input we have received from community residents and our agency partners during the past 20 months as this draft “Community Vision Plan” was built step by step.  This is just the beginning not the end, for without a plan we see no change.  We hope our efforts to set this vision into motion will serve well the multi-generation families (many who have been here since the 50’s), our growing children and their children.

This Vision would not have been documented without the hard work and endless meetings of the community core group members.  We wish to express special thanks and great appreciation to them:  Bruce Bansen, DAAC Youth Volunteers, Don and Mary Garstang, Jan Kalani, Margaret Manning, Cynthia Medina, Savannah Medina, Rosa and Mary Vega, and University of Dominguez Hills Interns.  Great appreciation is also given to DAAC staff and board members: Cynthia Babich, Brenda Bibee, Florence Gharibian, Jan Kalani and Lydia Valdez.

This is a project of the Del Amo Action Committee with initial funding by the Rose Foundation, Center for Health, Environment and Justice and California Environmental Protection Agency.

This Vision is timely and consistent with the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors adopted motion of December 8, 2015, for Development and Implementation of Equitable Development Tools.  “The objective behind this effort was to identify strategies that could foster implementation of the General Plan in a manner that allows County residents at all income levels to benefit from growth and development, encourages the preservation and production of safe and affordable housing, and reduces neighborhood health disparities (collectively defined as “Equitable Development).” *

*Board of Supervisors, Public Hearing, March 23, 2015.

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