Our 2023 Vision Plan

Our Community Vision Plan: A Collaborative Partnership

  • We want our community identified by our positive efforts.
  • We wish to ensure future generations have a healthy place to grow, live and thrive.
  • Our community is comprised of multi-generational families of all ages; which
    contributes to a healthy community structure.
  • We wish to preserve our cultural identities.
  • We wish to preserve the feeling of community that is enhanced by our single-story
    residential areas.
  • We seek to change incompatible land uses in and around our community; leading to
    healthier lives lived.
  • We are focused on implementing a community vision that builds on the foundation
    we have created with pride and honor.

The Del Amo Action Committee and our partners have set the goal of breaking the cycle of harm caused to our community by proactively changing problematic land use decisions, holding government regulators accountable for environmental laws and regulations, and giving our community the tools needed to make our neighborhoods healthy and have a direct impact on the decisions that affect our lives. We realize that we must face head on the continuing challenge of land use decisions that result in the co-location of polluting industries directly embedded in low-income communities of color like ours. 

There are historical land use decisions made long ago that we are attempting to rectify, like redlining a community; then there is the continued siting of incompatible facilities into our already overburdened neighborhoods, like warehouses and chemical plants. Incompatible land use decisions continue to plague this area, at this very moment developers race to increase our air pollution burden with more warehouses; more deadly diesel emissions. 

We are bringing stakeholders together to work collaboratively to increase our collective understanding of how community-based land use planning will lead to better community health outcomes. Community needs-assessments of this type will help us to build a vision and take proactive meaningful action to make our community a healthier, safer place for families today and tomorrow. 

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This Vision would not have been documented without the hard work and endless meetings of the community core group members.  We wish to express special thanks and great appreciation to them:  Bruce Bansen, DAAC Youth Volunteers, Don and Mary Garstang, Jan Kalani, Margaret Manning, Cynthia Medina, Savannah Medina, Rosa and Mary Vega, and University of Dominguez Hills Interns.  Great appreciation is also given to DAAC staff and board members: Cynthia Babich, Brenda Bibee, Florence Gharibian, Jan Kalani and Lydia Valdez.

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