20502 Denker Ave. Torrance 90501

When we started this visioning process in October 2017, focus area #4 was a Smurfit paper recycling facility and had been for the past two decades; then one day it was gone and Prologis Trucking had taken over.  Then several months later the International Distribution Trucking business (next door) on the corner of Normandie and Torrance Blvd., was bought by Prologis – connecting the two properties and creating one large trucking facility.  Prologis has also made a huge investment further West on Del Amo Blvd. at the intersection of Van Ness Ave. in Torrance.   We would hope that when Del Amo Blvd. is widened in the area running next to our community there is a transparent and inclusive process with the neighbors who will be greatly impacted by the enormous increase in diesel emissions and traffic.                      

  Transparency has not happened in the past.

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