Stormwater Workshop 1

At our first workshop, we discussed the fundamental aspects of stormwater management as well as provided a foundation for our community members for us all to understand the role that different water distributors play in our communities. 

Our presenters also discussed how eco-friendly gardening and landscaping products can be used to create drought tolerant gardens and landscapes, as well as how rain barrels can be used in our own backyards as stormwater capturing devices. 

By reviewing surveys dispersed at the end of this workshop we saw that our participants’ knowledge of the following topics had been enhanced:

  1. The role of water distributors in stormwater management and groundwater basin replenishment.
  2. Current stormwater practices and how they are changing.
  3. Why water conservation continues to be an important aspect of life in Southern California and what you can do about it.
  4. How to create eco friendly and drought tolerant landscaping and gardens in your own homes and communities.

Our first workshop presented speakers Brian Partington of the Water Replenishment District, Karina Sandique of the Metropolitan Water District, and Kelly Takai of Green Media Creations

Stormwater Workshop #1, Brian Partington’s Presentation

Part 1

Karina Sandique’s Presentation

Part 1

Part 2

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